Glass Sculptures – Larry Foster

Sperm Whale Calf Glass Sculpture: At twelve feet long, this subject alone is a curious manifestation; there aren’t all that many stained-glass sperm whales around, so the piece is unique, interesting, fun to behold, and very popular. LF was trying to call attention to this species for purposes of enlightenment. Sperm whales are the largest of the Cetaceans to have teeth. They enjoy big squid, and lots of them. These animals themselves are much more interesting than sculptures made of glass.

Blue Whale Glass Sculpture: Nine-feet long and illuminated from within by incandescent light bulbs. In the field of fine arts and crafts, this is probably a negligible contribution, but in the field of “Love for Blue Whales,” it’s one of the all-time most profound comments and elevated observations for blue whales. Nonetheless, the correct and accurate portrayal of the anatomy of the blue whale is absent here. Blue whales are not bulbous, they’re long and streamlined.

Happily, these two iconic glass whale sculptures by Larry Foster can be viewed at Pot-Pourri Art Gallery in Berkeley, California, where they are on permanent display.

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