Larry Foster’s The Art of Discovering Whales Receives Multiple Book Awards

We are pleased to announce that The Art of Discovering Whales by Larry Foster has received multiple book awards:

Nautilus Book Award

2022 Silver – Category: Photography and Art

Eric Hoffer Book Awards

Finalist – 2022 da Vinci Eye Award

Awarded to books with superior cover artwork.

Honorable Mention – 2022 Eric Hoffer Award – Category: Art

The Art of Discovering Whales, Larry Foster, Whales Only Press – The book is a comprehensive study and immaculately depicted look at whales, their genera, species, anatomy, history, evolution, habits, and habitats. With works in many mediums that include oil, colored pencil, ink, watercolor, tempera, stained glass, bronze, cement, and life-size renditions, Foster has created a sort of whale awareness that goes beyond scientific instruction. Starting at a very young age, with his first drawing of a whale in kindergarten, the artist has generated the world’s largest collection of whale images. He gives us a unique whale’s eye view into the lives of these magnificent creatures, with associated commentary.”

Judges Commentary, Eric Hoffer Book Award

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